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The Red Balloon

The show tells the story of a small boy's friendship with a balloon and explores the poignancy of a child's imagination.
Performed using long string wood-carved marionettes, and accompanied by specially commissioned music, the show has captured the imaginations of both adults and children as they are transported into the world of the puppets.
Expertly manipulated, the puppets become characters and are able to present the most intense emotions, using only mime, to audiences who become spellbound by their magic. The show is inspired by the short film (of the same name) by Albert Lamorisse.
Duration: 45 minutes
Audience size: 100 

"The puppets move with such a human quality that I admit I was quite overwhelmed at times and feel I have gained an increased respect toward this somewhat acquired taste of theatre."

"A delightful show in a charming setting, full of the wonders of puppetry & the magic of theatre – a fantastic experience for all the family."

"The Red Balloon is a charming and elegantly performed show that displays a rare universality, and its themes of friendship and loss will have some meaning for anyone who watches it."

"Stringed puppets and fine music tell a wondrous story of a small boy’s friendship with a magical balloon. Adults and children alike will enjoy this piece for its simple beauty and playful innocence."

"As unapologetically romantic in its storytelling as it is unapologetically traditional in its presentation, 'The Red Balloon' is a delight."

"Accompanied by an emotive soundtrack these puppets did not communicate with words but instead the story was performed with a beautiful visual language that helped create an immersive world for the story."

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