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A Water Journey

In a remote and tranquil land, an unusual community of adventurous animals and one wise old man live in harmony with nature. But suddenly one day, a flood overwhelms them.


In this crisis caused by climate change, the group undertakes a dangerous journey in a desperate quest for refuge and survival.


Performed with newly-created, long-string wood-carved marionettes and silhouette animation, this wordless play explores themes of displacement, exile, and the importance of solidarity and friendship in caring for our Earth and her living creatures.


Its atmospheric, original soundscore features exotic sound effects and rare percussive instruments.

Duration: 40 minutes (no interval)
Audience: 4+

The production is complemented for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences by the projection of a visualisation of the soundscape.

The production is available with audio description for blind and partially-blind audiences. 

"A tiny show with a huge message." David Vass

"An urgent story of environmental fragility, beautifully performed for families using an equally vulnerable art form." Everything Theatre

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