F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

E V E N T S​

“Stringed puppets and fine music tell a wondrous story of a small boy’s friendship with a magical balloon. Adults and children alike will enjoy this piece for its simple beauty and playful innocence.” Everything Theatre​

“A quiet, contemplative, bittersweet and even mysterious production, 'The Red Balloon' has much to offer family audiences.”​ Animations Online

"Using forced perspective, multi-sized puppets, elaborate staging (and a really sweet dog), String Theatre brought a cinematic quality to their letterbox sized stage that had the adults in the audience entranced." 

David Vass for The Corn Hall


Awarded the DYCP grant for 2020-2021.

"The Crow's Tale" tour was funded by Arts Council England.

We are recipients of the Harlequin Award

from the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild.

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