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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Stringed puppets and fine music tell a wondrous story of a small boy’s friendship with a magical balloon. Adults and children alike will enjoy this piece for its simple beauty and playful innocence.” Everything Theatre​

“A quiet, contemplative, bittersweet and even mysterious production, 'The Red Balloon' has much to offer family audiences.”​ Animations Online

"Using forced perspective, multi-sized puppets, elaborate staging (and a really sweet dog), String Theatre brought a cinematic quality to their letterbox sized stage that had the adults in the audience entranced." 

David Vass for The Corn Hall

E V E N T S​

16-17 Dec

Lottie, The Travelling Doll

El Apeadero, Granada


We are recipients of the Harlequin Award from the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild.

The Insect Circus has been awarded the Drac d'Or  for best family show at  Fira De Titelles de Lleida, Spain, in 2022.

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